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Why We Need a National Primary Day

February 5, 2008 3 comments

I am not one to jump into the political fray on my blog as I do not follow politics all that closely.  However, I do enjoy watching elections (for entertainment if nothing else) and I find debates to be absolutely hilarious (“You’re nice enough Hillary” was a great line from this year’s election season). However, as I’ve watched this year’s primaries I’ve realized that the primary system is inherently unjust. And as a Christian matters of injustice are of a concern to me.

While I acknowledge that for the most part he/she with the most money wins in politics (although this year there have been exceptions to that rule) I think the extended primary season makes that even more the case. Plus, only some US Citizens get to pick the nominees. Chances are, by the time the primaries are over, the race for the nominations might be over too, and the chances of the Pennsylvania primary in April mattering in the Presidential race are almost none existent (the exception might be the democratic side). If a candidate does poorly in the early races you might as well drop out, even though you might have done well in other states.

My proposal is to put every single primary on the same day. Instead of 22 states on Super Tuesday, do all 50. Or even 48 and let New Hampshire and Iowa keep their traditional early spots. That way everyone in the country gets to pick the nominees and the full field of nominees gets a chance instead of being dead by the South Carolina primary.

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