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Bob and Marilyn’s Lenz’s 40th Anniversary Party Video

Lenz Anniversary Video Still

On Friday July 24th the friends and family of Bob and Marilyn Lenz gathered at Crescent Beach Restraunt for a surprise anniversary party.  I captured a few highlights of the party on video.  If you’re confused as to which version is best for you go here first

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Andrew and Meredith’s Summer Movie

Andrew and Meredith have been quite busy in 2009!  Meredith is exploring the world, sleeping lots, eating lots, and then sleeping some more.  She was also baptized!  Andrew is going going going going going all the time!  You can see the highlights below!

Andrew and Meredith Summer 2009 (HD)

Andrew and Meredith Summer 2009 (DVD Quality)

Andrew and Meredith Summer 2009 (Standard)


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