Buffalo Technology External Blu-ray Writer Review

I picked up this external Blu-ray writer completely on a whim.  I was browsing through the Circuit City ad and saw that they had an extnerl Blu-ray writer with HD-DVD support as well for a great price.  It said it was only compatible with Windows XP and Vista, but I’ve had other perpherials such as webcams that worked on my Mac with no software that were advertised as PC-only, so I figured I’d take a shot.  Much to be pleasant surprise, it worked perfectly out of the box.  The review will be short, afternoon, a drive like this either works or it doesn’t.

What I like:

  • It works with a Mac!  And it’s external… – Having a Mac Mini whatever I got had to be external and USB based.  Most Blu-ray drives I had seen were eSATA or internal, both of which were a no go for me.  Even better, it worked out of the box with my Mac.  One important element is that I owned Toast 9 with the Blu-ray/HD-DVD burning plug-in.  I’ve been able to burn all kinds of discs: CDs, DVDs, DVD+DLs, BD+R, and BD+RE discs from within Toast 9, both data and video format.
  • It’s reliable – No coasters yet!  I do have a habit of burning to a disc image first and then to disc to prevent a software error from causing a hardware screw up and I think that helps.
  • The discs work – I’ve been able to play discs burned in this drive on other computers, my PS3, as well as a standard DVD player.
  • It’s relatively fast – The drive is faster and reading and burning than my internal drive on my Mac Mini.

What I don’t like:

  • Only one thing – it has some problems with BD+RE discs.  I’ve figured out the work around though and it’s quite simple.  The first time I burned to BD+RE it was flawless.  Every since then I would initialzied the BD+RE to reuse it, Toast would finish and eject the disc.  Then I’d put it back it and Toast would say that it was a BD+RE – Not Blank.  What I do now is in the middle of formatting the BD+RE I stop it.  Then, for whatever reason, I can write to the BD+RE just fine.

Overall I am very pleased with this player.

  1. Nicolette
    April 9, 2009 at 10:15 pm

    I found your site recently and know little about 1080p burning. I recently learned how to use imovie and idvd. I created a project with both either way when I set the project at 16:9 and burn the dvd through idvd the images which are high quality are distorted and pixelated. I performed a test where I placed 5 photos approx 3-6mb each and 1, 5 minute movie in an idvd project. I made one disc with imovie and the other with idvd and burned both through idvd. I put it in my PS3 and the images look horrible on my HD tv somehow idvd compressed the images and they look fuzzy and have some color loss. I hope you might be available to answer some questions as TOAST, MAC, MAC Forums, and local computer stores don’t have any answers that have adjusted the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I do not have toast but was looking at purchasing until when I called I was told that toast 10 has a plug in but it only burns 720p.


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