Partnering in Youth Ministry


  • Video of Presentation
    • QuickTime (Macs/PCs): |Standard Definition|      |High Definition| (Coming soon!)
    • Windows Media (PCs): |Standard Definition|      |High Definition| (Coming soon!)
    • (The high definition versions look a lot better, but take a much more powerful computer to play)
    • DVD – You can request a DVD of the presentation by contacting me.
  • Slides (pdf)
  • Sample Leader’s Guide (pdf)
  • Sample Youth Ministry Leadership Documents (evaluation, strategic planning, and goal setting) (pdf)
  1. Mike Kluczan
    October 15, 2009 at 3:54 am

    Hi Brian, I was at the Sept. 24th presentation and I`ve been trying to download it but it wont let me, it says it`s a connection problem and it`s not my computer. I`m talking about the video I already downloaded the pdfs, is your connection getting overloaded?, just wondering, I liked your presentation and wanted to download it and burn it to a disc, thats all, Thank You Mike

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