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January 27, 2007 1 comment

A  new website has been introduced for people in the PC(USA) who are interested in all things Emergent

Check it out – it looks like it could hold great promise.



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Good providence to all those taking the PC(USA) ordination exams this weekend!

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Mex Fest!

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Our high school youth group is headed for Mexico this summer for a week to work with the Hebron Foundation and their effort to provide proper medical care for those in Southern Mexico as well as lead a Vacation Bible School for children in Chiapas, Mexico.

As part of our fundraising effort we are hosting Mex Fest: A Buffet and Silent Auction on February 24th.  Tickets are only $15!  We’re also looking for items to be donated for our silent auction.  We’re expecting 250-300 people that night so this is a great way to get your name out!

Hearing God’s Voice

January 13, 2007 1 comment

For some reason as I was falling asleep last night I thought of this incident and thought I’d share it here…

During the summer of 2004 I completed my CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY.  I’ve told many people that this was “the best worst experience of my life” but a few incidents really stand out to me.

One night I was on call, which means that I got to spend from 4:30pm until 8am the next morning at the hospital wearing a pager – and if anyone needed a chaplain I was johnny on the spot.  One night the pager wouldn’t stop – all night it was going.  I don’t remember all the calls but I know there were a lot of them.  It was late, probably around 11pm or so and I was leaving one call and really wanted to go back to the on-call room and sleep.  As I was beginning to make a right hand turn toward the on-call room I heard a “silent voice” say go to the office.  And, I did it.  When I did I found a voice mail from someone outside the hospital, asking for someone to go visit a woman who was in the emergency room.  The visit itself was important but more important to me was that in a truly silent voice that I didn’t even audibly hear, but more so just recognized, I ended up being exactly where I needed to be.

Later that night (I’m pretty sure this was the same night) I had made at least one or two more calls, and they were all tough by that point.  It was around 2am and I was walking once again back to the on call room and I walked in, sat down, and was almost afraid to go to sleep for fear of being woken up by the pager, and in the same “silent voice” I heard earlier I heard said “It’s okay, you’re done.”  Sure enough, the pager did not go off again until my alarm woke me up at 8am

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My most recent sermon…

January 4, 2007 Leave a comment

… from this past Sunday is available for listening here (God’s Horrible Timing)

It dealt with a lot of “in house” business.  In case you don’t know, my current senior pastor is leaving at the beginning of February.  On a personal level I’m dissapointed because we work really well together and in only a matter of months he’s taught me a lot.  On another level, it leaves me in a tough spot as for a little while (hopefully a couple weeks but possibly longer) as the only pastor on the staff.  On another level, I’m really excited for him because I think the opportunity he’s taking will be great for him and for our Presbytery.  But what I discovered as I listened to the Christmas story this year I realized that God’s timing just isn’t good – and sometimes seems downright bad.  So this message was entitled “God’s Horrible Timing”

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A Man’s Paradise…

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At this very moment I can see no less than four screens within a few seconds.  On screen #1, the Sugar Bowl, screens two and three are my computers, screen number four is our PC which has a TV tuner card which is playing ESPN2 Coverage of Gonzaga vs. Virginia.

My wife says I’m ADD, I say I multi-task well.

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So, for Christmas this year Renee and I decided that we would finally break down and get cable.  We had tried to get through just using an antenna but the reception in our neck of the woods is just plain awful.  So… we got it.

We also used some Christmas money and purchased a new 27-inch SDTV (not a High-Definition, but a digital standard definition) and rearranged our living room.  The other TV is downstairs in our basement, and is also wired into our computer so we can record live TV to our computer’s hard drive.

So… tonight I am enjoying watching the Orange Bowl without worrying about adjusting the antenna, and it’s nice.

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