Making 720p60 content from 1080i60 source.

Even if your digital camera doesn’t support 720p60 mode, you can create it from 1080i60 source.  My tutorial below will show you how on a Mac.

1080i60 to 720p60 on a Mac

  1. September 16, 2009 at 4:40 pm


    This was very helpful, thank you! I think it will solve my de-interlace flicker problem. But I want to upload to YouTube, so I assume I can’t output to AIC. I prefer to use H.264 because of the quality and it’s YouTube recommended. I would like the highest quality resolution in 16:9 and smoothest motion possible. Other suggestions? Here is what I’m doing now (to which I will add the de-interlace):

    HD raw file item properties in FCE:
    29.97 fps
    Compressor: Apple Intermediate Codec (applied with logged and transferred I think)
    Data Rate 13.7 MB/sec
    Pixel Aspect: Square
    Field Dominance: Upper (odd)
    Composite: Normal
    Audio: Stereo
    Audio Rate: 48 KHz
    Aud Format 16-bit interger

    And here are the settings that I used to bounce the edited video you see above:

    Video Settings:
    MPEG-4 Video
    Frame Rate: Current (setting this to 29.97 caused other problems previously)
    Key Frames: Every 6 frames
    Data Rate: Restrict to 6400 kbits/sec (default when I choose MPEG-4; but I admit I dont understand this parameter.
    Compressor Quality: Best
    [NOTE: I’ve also used H.264 on high and best but it takes forever!]

    Filter Settings: None

    HD 1920×1080 16:9
    Preserve Aspect Ration Using: Letterbox (I have some std video mixed in)

    Bit rate: 128 kb/sec

    So do I need to stay in 1920×1080? Or should I reduce to 1280×720 with progressive? Will there be no difference on YouTube. I’m doing guitar tutorials, so I want my hand motion to be smooth with no jaggies or flicker, and I want HD quality in 16:9 form.

    Many thanks!

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