About the tree falling on our car…

So I’ve gotten lots of questions about the tree falling on our car yesterday – so here’s the story:

We had gone last week to look at a new Kia minivan and we found one we liked, but they could find the key for it.  So we test drove the same year and model.  When we went to pick up the car yesterday we were going to drive the one we actually were buying. All was going fine until we drove by an Allegheny County public works department crew that was trimming trees – and you guessed it – they dropped a branch on our car.

We pulled over and the only damage to the car was scrapes (there were lots of leaves on the branch).  After filing a police report we went back to the dealer where they promptly went down and buffed out all the scratches.  So no one was hurt (not even the car) but it sure is a good story!

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Better than I could ever say it…

Last month our congregation awarded it’s annual Tom Ablauf Scholarship to Katherine Baker, a Senior @ Hampton High School and a member of our congregation.  That Sunday she spoke to the congregation and said the following:

Brian gave a sermon recently that really hit home with me.  He reminded all of us how much more important it is for parents to bring their kids up to be Christians than to bring their kids up to be Steeler’s fans, and it made me realize how thankful I was that my parents have done just that in raising me.  Coming to church and Sunday School has never been an option for me, and I always went to LOGOS as a child.  In middle school LOGOS changed to SWAT and then to JAM in high school.  In my family church involvement has never been something I’ve questioned, and I am glad that my parents have instilled such strong Christian values in me. (emphasis mine) They have brought me up to be a strong student and a well-rounded person in life as well.  The option to not do my homework or try my hardest on all my exams was never presented to me, and these values have stayed with me through high school.  My dad has also prodded me to try new sports and activities, and to prove to people that I can succeed at as many things as possible.  Next year I will be attending Houghton College and I would never be where I am now without my parent’s strong guidance and the support of my church family.  I did not know Tom personally, but from seeing his extended family every week at church I know he was raised with the same strong ideals.  It is such an honor to receive this scholarship, and I only pray that I will live up to the high standards that Tom Ablauf set not only in academics and athletics, but also in his faith and his life.  Thank you.  

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Andrew and Meredith “Talking”

So Meredith communicates by going “bllllrrrrrppppppppp……”  Yesterday she and Andrew had a nice conversation…

(The previously broken links have been correct as of Sunday @ 9pm)

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Andrew and Meredith Dancing

February 17, 2010 Leave a comment

This is really cute, even if I do say so myself.  Andrew loves to listen to music and knows how to control the CD player.  The other morning he was listening to music and then said, “Baby, dance!”  This is what happened afterward

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Andrew and the Spinning Chair

February 17, 2010 Leave a comment

We received a spinning chair from some friends at church and Andrew really gets a kick out of it – and getting dizzy!

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Andrew @ Fall Festival Video

October 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Andrew and the Goat

Andrew attend the HPCCC Fall Festival today.  (HPCCC is the outstanding preschool he attends that is part of our church.  He got to have some fun with animals (Despite the 36 degree temperature)

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New page on Windows Media Encoding from a Mac…

October 1, 2009 Leave a comment

For the last few months my mission has been to find a way to encode Windows Media Video files without having to purchase any new software.  I found a way and detail it here

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