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Bristol Palin is Pregnant – some statistics to consider

In the midst of the Hurricane Gustav coverage today it came across that Sarah Palin’s Daughter Bristol is five months pregnant.  I went to the Washington Post’s site to check out the story because I was curious what the preceived impact of this news will be.  The article itself is fine, but in the comments below I found more of what I expected, people trashing Palin, McCain, and worst of all, Bristol.

(I should note that at this point I am pretty convinced I will not be voting for John McCain in November)

As someone who makes a living working with Jr. and Sr. High Students I am rather disgusted that this is going to become part of our national political conversation.  The truth is that Bristol is in no way unique.  Last spring I updated my lesson on pre-marital sex with newer statistics.  Here’s what I found out:

  • 6-10% of students have had sexual intercourse prior to 14
  • 47% of students have had sexual intercourse prior to high school graduation
  • The Median age for first intercourse for girls is 16, 17 for guys.

These are fairly normal actually for the past ten years.  Here are trends that are changing

  • The number of students having sex with more than four partners has actually decreased
  • Teen pregnancy rates have fallen of late.

However, there are two very alarming trends

  • STD rates continue to rise among high schoolers
  • Teenagers engaging in oral sex has dramatically increased and the average age is dropping quickly.

Ok, so why all the stats?  Bristol Palin is among the 47% of American teenagers who had sex before they were married.  She is by no means unique, she is just among those who either didn’t use birth control or birth control failed.  She is not however, among the 3 out of every 200 teenage girls who had an abortion this past year.  The other statistic that I think is very relevant is that 66% of people in the United States believe that pre-marital sex is morally acceptable.

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