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Why I am loving the NHL Playoffs…

For the past two years my beloved Buffalo Sabres have been contenders in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, both times advancing to the conference finals and losing.  This year they are home, playing golf already.  In spite of this, I am enjoying the NHL Playoffs more than ever.  Here’s a few reasons why:

  1. The Sabers aren’t in it – when I watch Sabres games I have no patience for close games.  I want it 4-0 at the end of the second in favor of the Sabres.  But when I’m watching a game for fun, I want it close.  I watched the last two Boston vs. Montreal games and they were fantastic – but Game 6 was better.  It was close, back and forth, etc.  I didn’t really care who won Game 7, I just wanted it to be close so I was pulling for Boston.
  2. I can be objective – I’ll be the first to admit that when I watch my beloved Sabres there is hardly ever a call that goes their way and hundreds that don’t.  Of course, I’m slightly biased in my opinion.  Watching other teams I can make a better evaluation of calls.  I still find the startling difference in the way the post-season is officiated and the regular season troubling.
  3. I have VersusHD – Last season I had Versus on my regular digital cable package, but I jettisoned it to save some money.  I got lucky – my cable provider added VersusHD to their HD line-up.  Hockey is one game that I think benefits tremendously from being in HD.  (I know almost every sports fan thinks their sport benefits the most).  But sports where you’re watching a small object (a hockey puck or a baseball) I think are impacted the most because you can actually see the object.  Plus in general, the widescreen format of HD is better for sports period.
  4. Rediscovered the love – Basically since I’ve been in college (99-2000 season) I’ve been out of the hockey loop.  I really couldn’t follow my Sabres because there was no TV access.  Now, thanks to my slingbox I’ve been able to follow them for most of the season and have rediscovered my love of hockey.
  5. Great matchups – Perhaps the biggest reason though is that some of the match ups are great.  Pittsburgh trashed Ottawa (which was great), Boston vs. Montreal, etc.

Now how much longer before Andrew can go to his first game?

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  1. April 29, 2008 at 10:19 pm

    Yea as a sabres fan myself I suppose I can do without the stress this postseason, haha. They will be back though.

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