Monday Morning Musings

This past Friday and Saturday I was part of “Always Reforming: Reformed and Always Reforming”. I was apart of the planning team for this event so my opinion is obviously biased. But I think all in all this Presbymergent event was a success.

This weekend I presented a workshop entitles “Emergence in Traditional Churches: Traching Existing Faith Communities to Speak a New Language”. The idea of the workshop was to help those serving in existing churches respong to “emergence”. I defined emergence as the call of the Holy Spirit to reach out to people currently not being reached by that faith community. One person commented to me that this topic wasn’t being discussed in other venues so it was good to hear that my voice added something

A few weeks ago I presented an introductory workshop on Youth Ministry as part of a teacher training workshop. I went through some basic theological and practical foundations of Youth Ministry and then delved into some “how to” material.

In doing these two workshops I learned a few things. The first is that Youth Ministry is really my thing. I was able to present my talk with ease and address questions without too much trouble. I feel as though I’ve read enough of the “major” works in Youth Ministry and that I’ve been doing it long enough that I can speak with some level of authority and competence. I think my topic this past week was a more difficult one and perhaps a bit more uncharted which contributed to the challenge.

The other thing is I now realize that in a presentation it’s easy to sound like you know exactly what you’re doing when in reality you still have the same struggles as everyone else. Now that I’ve done presentations I don’t think as highly of the speakers I’ve heard at Youth Specialties. No doubt they were good at what they did, but they had their good times and bad times as well.

In any event presenting was a ton of fun and I hope I was able to help some fellow journeyer in the work as part of God’s work in the world.

  1. rickcarter
    April 12, 2008 at 11:06 pm


    I found your blog site and browsed through it a bit.

    Today I posted a piece reflecting on our conversation last Wednesday. I thought you might be interested since I dropped your name in my message.

    I hope to get out to Turning Point on April 20.


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