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So I was going to do a “best of” post for 2006, but the year has been filled with so much that I don’t even think its worth it.  It is safe to say that 2006 was probably the most transitional year of my life (graduation, marriage, new house, new job) and the switch from school to work has had a negative impact on my time.

The best part of 2006 was obviously getting married to my long-time best friend, Renee, and beginning our lives together.  This event was bittersweat however as we also said farewell to Renee’s grandmother in the midst of all of that.

Beginning my first “real call” in ministry was a highlight, but that also has been bittersweet as my senior pastor (who I’ve worked well with) is leaving at the beginning of February.   While I love my job, love the church I serve, and love the kids I work with, I had just started to get comfortable with how things were going and gotten into a routine and now things are going to get stirred up a bit.  But, I have to trust that everything will be okay and in a year, or two, or maybe even three, we’ll look back and say “hmm, that was tough but we got through it, and we’re in a good spot now”.

Becoming a homeowner was an exciting part of the year, after seven years of living in a box to have a multi-room house was a totally new experience.  Along with it came the fun of maintaining a home but we’ve had a really easy ride with that so far (knock on wood).   Closely tied to this was the fun of being able to settle into a community.  During college and seminary I kind of felt like a resident alien – I lived in Grove City, but it wasn’t really my community.  Same with seminary – I lived in East Liberty, but I worked in the North Hills, so I was sort of split there.  Now, I live and work in the same community so I actually feel like I belong someplace.  I walked through the local Wal-Mart and I see people who I go to church with and work with, which is a neat experience after seven years of being in transition.

The 16-month period from Sept. 2005 – Dec. 2006 may be one of the most significant with regards to my theological growth ever.  Although my first year of seminary was also big, this last time period forced to me to rethink everything I had ever believed and to look at it through new categories.  With my introduction to the “post-conservative” branch of theology, post-modern theology, relational truth, “missional thinking”, combined with everything I had learned previously has helped open my eyes once again to read the bible with new eyes, and to understand the bible is a different, but even more powerful way.

2007 will be another exciting and dynamic year for a lot of reasons, church, family, etc.  I’m excited to see where I’ll be a year from now.

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