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So Marko’s section on middle school teaching techniques was awesome – I really picked up a lot and I can start using it immediately. I have to say that I have not been dissapointed by a single section or general session speaker this year – they’ve all been excellent. The one funny part from Marko’s seminar was when I got cold water spit all over me (all part of a skit – it was good fun)

This evening Marko gave the talk for the last general session and in my opinion hit a home run.  I’ve noticed that I don’t tend to mind convicting talks and this one was definitely of that sort – he dealt with humility.  Now, if you’ve read my posts from the past couple days you know that this is something I’ve struggled with and probably because I’ve struggled with it and I am more willing to take convicting words.

The line of the night was when Marko was addressing the concept of being “obedient to others” as an aspect of exercising humility.  He immediately spoke specifically to the women in the group and said that for them this has meant that they are to stay in their place and deny any sort of a call to ministry.  He then said, emphatically, “That is not the voice of God”.  I clapped my heart out – but the clapping was sporadic.  However, I give Marko props for saying what he believed with conviction and honesty.

His other great line was “Someday I want to go to National Pastor’s Convention and see a seminar entitled Learning to be humble like your youth pastor”

I’ll share some of my closing comments in the next few days as to what I’ve learned but for now – I’m off to bed.

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