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Wow, eight blog posts since I’ve gotten here.  That’s impressive even for me.

This morning I went to a seminar on discernment, and it was really good.  I felt bad for the leader, she was recovering from a pretty wicked cold but she still did a good job.  It wasn’t so much a “how-to” seminar on discernment, as the leader noted, discernment is a very individual thing since we all hear God differently.  But what she did do was lead us through some principles of discernment.  To make it short, I now feel better equipped to talk to my youth about discernment and what they should consider as they do it.

To me there is no more important “spiritual practice” for us to teach our youth (or to practice ourselves).  If we want our students to become Christ-followers we must teach them how to listen to an unseen rabbi who can lead them.  I know no other way of teaching our students to become followers than teaching them to discern.

While in my life I think I’ve done an okay job with discernment on the big stuff (switching into ministry, accepting a call from seminary) the seminar did show me that on the more “day to day” stuff I need to practice discernment.  My personality lends itself to be a planner so my plans are usually laid out (at least in my head) well in advance.  She also made an incredible comment:

“We usually practice discernment when it comes to big stuff, because that’s stuff that is beyond our control.”  Dang…

The general session speaker was Phil Vischer (founder of Big Idea who created Veggie Tales).  He told his story of the rise and fall of Big Idea and it was tremendous convicting.  I have a whole bunch of quotes, but this one stands out:

“If I’ve surrendered my life to the Lordship of Christ I have no business worrying about where I want to be in five years”

Dang, that’s good.

Well, I am hogging up time at the YS Store digital center so I am going to close there.  I’ve got a lot of thoughts to share about YS but I’ll share those later.

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