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One sign you’re working in a (post-)mainline church…

Last night at our Jr. High youth group I asked our middle school students who helped them learn what was right and wrong.  They came up with a list that included parents, media, friends, bible, Jesus, teachers, etc.  Without any objection I narrowed the list to two (the bible and Jesus) as not always being the best source of knowledge for what is right and wrong.  For example, I pointed out that probably for a lot of them their parents were good sources of knowledge of what is right and wrong, but that not everyone can say that.  So I then ask them the following question:

Me: So of the last two isn’t always the most reliable either…

6th grade girl: Oh, I know, the bible, becasue people can do all sorts of weird things with it

Me: That’s right, can anyone give me an example of this?

Sr. High Guy Leader: Oh, sure, the bible was used to defend the practice of slavery during the 19th Century

I have to say, I was pretty impressed with them.  I then drew the distinction and said that if we’re listening and following Jesus he will never lead us astray, the challenge is learning to listen and follow.  Then (just so people out there reading don’t think I’m a bible-bashing heretic) I talked about how the bible is how we learn about God and one of the ways God speaks to us, but it can and has been misused.

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