New Sermon Posted…

So my recording was successful – quite successful I’ll add.  We figured out how to make garage band record more than 40 minutes of music and we captured the whole thing, including the message.  This message was entitled, “Why I Have Hope”.  You can find the audio here…

In many ways this sermon is an on-going dialogue in my head between Jurgen Moltmann and Karl Barth.  I have been shaped a great deal by Barth (given the title of my blog that’s not surprise) and to a lesser but still important extent by Jurgen Moltmann.  In part because I see Moltmann going where Barth didn’t into the areas of redemption and eschatology.  (In fairness to Barth, the Church Dogmatics was never completed and that area was the projected fifth volume).  Despite the sharp differences between Barth and Moltmann, especially in their development of the Trinity I find them both to be extremely helpful to read, especially side by side.  I’ve internalized the language of Barth better, so I think he comes through more in my preaching and writing, but I think the thought forms of some of Moltmann’s work in Theology of Hope come through.

On a related note, I managed to lose my copy of “Theology of Hope”, so until I pick it up from my dear friend who recovered it for me, I’m switching to William Stacey Johnson’s “The Mystery of God: Karl Barth and the Postmodern Foundations of Theology”.  While I’m interested in Johnson’s argument I don’t think I’ll try to engage it in this forum.  However, I have on order my own copy of “Barth for Armchair Theologians” which I plan to read as soon as it arrives.  Written by my friend John Franke my review will in no way be objective.  I am however hopeful that this resource will be one that I can recommend to people, both lay people at those in seminary, as a resource for being introduced to Barth and his thinking.

and when you get a chance check out the new  turningpoint website

  1. Julie Connah
    August 23, 2006 at 7:34 am

    I am also interested in Moltmann v’s Barth. In fact I have a 3000 word university essay to write comparing their respective trinitarian theologies (which is due in 2 weeks time).

    Both seem to have clear strengths, as well as weaknesses.

    I would value any comments or suggestions about them.

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