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First HPC Event…

I finished my first week as a staff person at Hampton Presbyterian Church with an event that is among thosed loved/hated by youthworkers, a lock-in.

Last night, myself, Renee, Jared (my hero), and Jim and Kathy (also my heroes) and about 25 awesome kids from Hampton spent the night eating, watching movies, playing sardines, and talking about life (oh yeah, and sleeping for about 3 hours).

This was all planned by Jared, the fabulous youth ministry summer intern, who has made my life much much easier by planning a whole series of events for this month and next which allows me to already start thinking about the fall with the youth planning committee.  I remember Sean told me how big of a help it was that we already things in place when he started at Northmont and I am now realizing exactly how big of a help it is.  Jim and Kathy are my other heroes for the week.  Kathy is our fabulous church secretary who has been really helpful this week as I try to figure things out and get settled.  Jim is the chair of the Youth Planning Committee and also helped Renee and I move our stuff into our townhouse.  They were faithful attendees last night helping us with food and games before retiring for the evening (and I can’t blame them).   Finally, Renee stayed until about midnight when she decided that our nice new queen bed at home sounded more comfortable than the floor of the HPC fellowship hall, and again, who can blame her?

I personally did quite well and managed to stay up till a little after 5am before falling asleep for what amounted to three and a half hours.  I then came home and took a nice long nap this afternoon.  Tomorrow morning will be another busy one as I’m preaching at the 8:30 and 11 o’clock services and speaking at Turningpoint (our 9:45 service).

All things considered, a lock-in is a great way to start off your time at a church.  Instead of slowly getting to know the students over the course of a couple weeks I spent about 12-16 hours with the group last night.  Now, after only one meeting I feel like to a certain extent I really “know” some of them on more than a “hi my name is” level.  Our next big event is the Sr. High Mission Trip to Newport, TN a week from tomorrow.  We also have a Jr. High trip on Tuesday.

As I mentioned in my last blog but was reminded about today as I was leaving the lock-in is how nice it is to have a singular focus now.  When I left the lock-in today I was done – I didn’t have a pile of homework waiting for me when I got home.  Tomorrow morning after we leave church I am done – again no pile of homework waiting for me and no classes on Monday or Tuesday to worry about.

Well, time to look over the sermon for tomorrow one more time and catch up on some sleep.

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