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The World Cup

… of Modern Systematic Theologians!

Yes sports fans, today may in fact be the opening game for our dear ole USA against the Czech Republic, but there is another World Cup going on that is worthy of our attention.

The World Cup of Modern Systematic Theologians is being hosted by Patrik Hagman.  Hagman set up the brackets and then posts polls which his readers vote on that comprise the "matches".  So you too can participate!  Round 1 is already under way with the first two days seeing some close matches.  

My personal choice, Karl Barth, was disqualified from the start for illegal use of "wissenschafftliche Assistentin."  I for one can openly admit that I have no idea what that is, and am somewhat embarassed that there is a piece of Barth trivia that I don't know.  Barth was also disqualified to "make the tournament more interesting" which I translate as "If Barth is in the running, is it even worth having a tournament?"

However, some of my other favorites are in the competition and doing well, including Jurgen Moltmann and T.F. Torrance.  So join in!

  1. June 12, 2006 at 3:31 pm

    A “Wissenshaftliche Assistentin” is a (female) assistent to a professor in the German speaking world. They tend to work very closely. Barth’s is rumored to have written large chunks of the Church Dogmatics (really large) and could probably have finished the work on her own. However, the illegal part can also refer to Barths family life, but I won’t go into that…

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