That’s right, done.

Today I handed in my last two assignments for m seminary career. I have one more paper that I need to turn in on Monday to a professor, but that is sitting on my computer awaiting the print button. For the next week and a half I can relax and enjoy myself as my time in seminary wraps up. It is literally hard to believe that I am finally finished with my work here. At the same time I can getting more and more excited about what’s coming next.

This weekend is also my last weekend at Northmont UPC. I’ve been a part of the Northmont community for about three years. I started there as a volunteer my first year of seminary and have served on the staff for the past two years. There are some incredible people there who have helped me along the way and given taught me things that I will never forget. There is also a incredible groups of kids whose lives I had the privilege of being apart of for the past three years and who I will miss dearly.

But, times-are-a-changing and new challenges and opportunities are coming. I graduate on May 25th, then Renee and I get married on June 3rd. We close on our town house on the 15th, take our honeymoon from June 21st – 25th. Then my first Sunday at Hampton is July 2nd and I’m being formally introduced on July 9th. Then Renee and I are off to Tennessee as part of Hampton’s Senior High Mission Trip. It will be a whirlwind two months, but an exciting two months.

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