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The Next Two Months

So it’s crunch week here at PTS for Seniors – our papers are due Friday May 12th.  At this point I have my first draft of one of my papers completed (The Trinity and the Adolescent) and I’m about half way through with my Hebrew exegesis paper, so I’m in pretty good shape.  This week is also the innagural for our President, Dr. William J. Carl, but given my schedule I don’t know how much, if any of that I’ll be taking it.  

After Friday I have a two farewell events tied to the end of my time at Northmont.  Saturday from 1-5 we’ll be gathering at Devlin Park and then on Sunday I’ll have my farewell at Northmont.  That evening I’ll be preaching, for the last time, at the SON Service.

After that the next big event in my life in May 25th, which is baccalaureate/commencement which my parents will be coming down for.  Sadly, because its scheduled on a Thursday, Renee won’t be able to make it.

After that, it’s June 2nd-3rd which are the wedding rehearsal and ceremony.  Then its off for about a week and a half to Maryland to Renee can finish up teaching before we return to Pittsburgh in order to…

Close on our townhouse on June 15th.  So we’ll have a couple weeks to spend getting moved in and settled there before…

July 2nd, which is my first Sunday at Hampton and July 3rd, my first day at the office so to speak.  Renee and I are being formally introduced on July 9th however because of the holiday.

After that… July 16th-22nd I’ll be gone as part of Hampton’s Senior High Mission Trip to Tennesee, which I am really looking forward to.  

So, pretty much from now till the middle of July I have one major event scheduled every two weeks.  As busy as it will be, its also incredibly exciting to watch all these changes happening.  

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