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Off to Mississippi

So for all intents and purposes I am done with my second to last trimester of seminary. I took my Hebrew final this morning and am in the process of finalizing my paper for Theology/Ethics of Karl Barth (well, my outstanding editor is currently reading it – she's the best)

Tomorrow morning I am off to Mississippi in conjunction with Shadyside Presbyterian and Bidwell Presbyterian churches to work with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. IN THEORY I will able to keep my journal of experiences online as we're supposed to have cell phone access (and hence I'll have internet access through my phone) but we'll see if that actually happens. I'm a little cautious about taking my laptop with me, but I've got a security device for it and if nothing else, I'll just keep it locked in the van during the day. I am doing this trip in lieu of taking the final for missiology so I need to keep a journal and would really rather not have to write it out handwritten.

I've got a full bag of books to keep me entertained during the long, did I mention really long trip? About 20 hours driving across two days actually. Anyway, this includes Karl Barth's Church Dogmatics 1.1 "The Doctrine of the Word of God", Stanley Grenz's "A Primer on Postmodernism" and "Rediscovering the Triune God", Dan Kimball's "Emerging Worship", and William LaDue "A Trinity's Guide to the Trinity." As you might be able to tell, I'm taking Doctrine of the Trinity next term and feel the need to brush up on my knowledge, since I didn't take Introduction to Systematic Theology my first year. More importantly, while we're down there we'll be taking part in the mission of God in the world, which will be part of the sermon I'm preaching on the 19th after we get back.

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