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So I was trying to find a comment that someone made on my blog (turns out it was from way back on September 4th) and I realized that I haven’t posted in forever.  So here’s some new thoughts…

Lately I’ve been focused heavily on school work, as the end of the term approaches.  I’ve also been “distracted” by this new thing called “searching for a call”.  I should be formally “Certified Ready Pending Call” which is fancy Presbyterian language for “Is ready to be hired by a church for gainful employment.”  It’s getting quite interesting thus far and I’m intrigued to watch what opens up.  It’s also a little unsettling because unlike industry, where it can be six weeks from initial interview to start date, in the Presbyterian church its more like six months from initial interview to start date, at a minimum.

I’ve got my course line up for next term and it looks pretty good.  I’m taking my last term of Hebrew (Hebrew Exegesis) where I think the languages finally become useful because you focus on utilizing your knowledge of Hebrew when it comes to understanding and interpreting the text, rather than just translating it.  In other words, the shift moves from words to their meaning really.  I’m also taking Church and Society: Local which is a study of theology from the African-American context, which also looks quite interesting.  I’ll also be taking Theology/Pastoral Care with Dr. Purves (which is, no lie, my 5th full class with him, excluding three one-credit independent studies that I’ve been doing this year which would bring the grand total up to 18 credits, of the equivalent of six full classes, or a full term and a half).  In Theo/Pastoral Care we’ll be reading his book, Reconstructing Pastoral Theology, and then examining the major influences on him, including Athanasius, Calvin, Milligan, McLoed Campbell, Torrance, and Moltmann.  I’ll also be taking the last of my one-credit independent studies in Scientific Theology with Dr. Purves, Matt Bell, and Rev. Jim Mead.  Finally, I’ll be auditing Doctrine of the Trinity with Dr. Cole-Turner, focusing on Moltmann’s work in the Trinity and the Kingdom and The Crucified God.  All in all, I think it’ll be  good final term.

Today we’re off to go snow tubing with the Sr. High kids, which should be fun as always.  Then tonight I’m going to A) Finalize my sermon for tomorrow B) Make my PowerPoint for tomorrow night’s service C) Finalize the guest list with Renee.  Fun times!

Monday Renee and I are meeting our parents in Grove City and we’re doing the whole “picking out” the food for our reception.  

Off to tubing!

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