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Home Sweet Home

So I arrived “home” yesterday.  I put “home” in quotes only because “home” for me (and I think many people my age) is a strange concept.  Having spent the last six years in Western PA I feel much more “at home” there than I do in Rochester.  That being said, “home” is a really nice place to be and since I haven’t seen my parents since August, it’s good to finally see them.  

Today I am recovering from some sort of illness that caused my tonsils to explode in size to the point where it hurts to swallow.  However, with the help of lots of sleep and extra strength Tylenol, I am doing quite well now.  I am also getting a chance to do some much-needed reading today.  Dr. Purves has decided that for our Jan 12th meeting of our independent study, we need to read 191 pages… 130 to go for me, on top of my reading for Missiology, T/E of Karl Barth, and trying to finish Beyond Foundationalism before February 9th.  Needless to say, I have a very full book bag.

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