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This weekend was our Sr. High Winter Retreat with Pittsburgh Youth Network @ Laurelville.  A few highlights…

  • Being picked to battle two other youth leaders with a dead eel, by trying to break an egg that was held in place by a pair of stockings… and then smelling myself for the rest of the time with a delightful mix of dead eel and rotten egg…
  • Cabin time discussions with the guys
  • Winning our first snow football game without even scoring a touchdown…
  • Watching Cory knock a guy down with his nose
  • Watching Jarrod show off his CMU football skills
  • Enjoying 20 minutes of silence in the freezing cold
  • Watching the weather get worse and worse the closer to home we got
  • Spending a weekend with a great group of kids
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  1. December 12, 2005 at 8:59 pm

    I will never forget my many experiences at Lauralville, both as a kid, a volunteer and as a youth minister. In the future I think I will often say, “those were the days.” I wonder if The Open Door will have enough junior highers to go in a few years! Maybe I’ll get to go again, then again maybe I’ve had enough mud!

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