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Finished with Finals

So I am finished with finals for my seventh term of seminary.  I took my Hebrew final this morning to finish off three finals in three days.  I also finished drafts of both my papers that are due on Monday, and got a start on the liturgy for Sunday evening’s service.  The only bad part, Syracuse lost to Florida in what was an otherwise awesome game (well, the first half was great)

So now it is a week off, which will really be nice.  Tuesday Renee is arriving and Wednesday we’re headed over to her families’ for Thanksgiving.  During the break I am going to try and get some sort of ministry resume put together until I’m clearer to circulate my PIF (Personal Information Form – fancy Presbyterian name for a long resume).  I have also started reading Beyond Foundationalism by Stanley Grenz and John Franke.  I’ve decided that I want to keep reading something academic besides my assigned readings for classes because it keeps me sharp and can often help me get ideas for papers.  I think there will be a lot of similarities between The Character of Theology and Beyond Foundationalism but I think Beyond Foundationalism will go deeper into the subject.  

My other project that I’ve been working on is an event in February with John Franke and some Emerging Church leaders from here in Pittsburgh.  February ninth is the day.  Dr. Franke is going to speak at ESF (Evangelical Student Fellowship), give a talk in the afternoon, and then take part in a conversation about the Emerging Church with some of the EC-types from here in Pittsburgh.  That evening he’s going to meet with the Emergent Cohort in a small group to discuss some of his recent articles.  All in all, I think it’s going to be a good day.  I hope to record most of the day and make it available in .mp3 format when all is done.  

But for now its off to enjoy my first stress-free sleep since Monday.  

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