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Funny Events at the Church Brew Works

So Saturday night three of us went over to the Church Brew Works in Bloomfield (which is about five minutes from the seminary).

If you have been to Pittsburgh and have not been to the Church Brew Works you have missed out on a golden opportunity.  While some might find the concept of an old Roman Catholic Church turned into a brewery appalling, I actually rejoice that although the Christian community that built this church is no longer, the church and the restaurant provide a lasting witness of their faith.  In addition, when they remodeled the church to make it into a brewery they were extremely tasteful in how they did things in my opinion.  So the next time you are anywhere close to Pittsburgh, make it a priority to visit the Church Brew Works

While we were there I starting hearing this noise from behind me and as I turned I saw about 40 people walking into the Church Brew Works dressed as nuns chanting.  Then upon closer look one could tell that it was actually about 40 men (with a few women interspersed) dressed as nuns.  And then once they opened their mouths you could tell that indeed it was 40 men, of which at least a few of them were unabashedly homosexual.  (Before you kill me for stereotyping I will also add that there was no disagreement at our table as to their sexual orientation).

So basically, 40 men, many of them homosexual came walking to the Church Brew Works dressed as nuns.  It had to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen.  As they came walking up the isle the manager went over to head them off, and I think with good reason.  First of all, if 40 people had walked into the Church Brew Works signing and not planning on buying anything, they would have been asked to leave.  Second, such actions could be understood as being sacrilegious, which is precisely what the Church Brew Works has attempted to avoid.  However, when it was clear that they planned on buying a drink, the manager (wisely) relented, and they proceeded into the bar area.  

They left as they came in, in line singing and crossing everyone they saw and blessing them in Christ’s name.

Any thoughts on this as a form of evangelism? (Okay, something like this?)    

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