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Jeremy and Beth

So today is Sunday, and since Renee isn’t here I’m back to my normal routine of staying at church on Sundays until the evening.  The problem today is that I’ve finished all my work for the rest of the week, and I have a Hebrew quiz tomorrow.  I don’t like Hebrew, I don’t like studying for it, I don’t like looking it, basically, I just don’t like it.  But I need to study for it.  But, before I force myself to do that, a few reflections

As someone of you know, yesterday morning Jeremy and Beth got married via a four way call between the Ukraine, Maryland, Pittsburgh, and New Hampshire.  It was a religious ceremony only, not a legal one, but I had the honor of assisting my friends in saying their vows.  As one of my professor said when I told him about it, “Well, in the eyes of God they’re married, and that’s what really matters”.  I also must say that Jeremy was quite correct in his assertion that the phone connection between the United States and the Ukraine is roughly the quality of two cans on the ends of a string.  But none the less, it was really cool to get to listen two of my friends make life-long vows to one another and to be invited to be apart of it.  Although, I need to edit my script, because I accidentally asked Beth is she would be Jeremy’s faithful husband.  Doh!  If it hadn’t of been six AM I might have realized this before I said it out loud.  Alas…

In any event, congratulations to Beth and Jeremy as they begin their lives together and may God richly bless your marriage.

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