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So, part of the requirements to be ordained in the Presbyterian Church one must take both Greek and Hebrew.  I started with Greek my first year and did relatively well, finishing with an A in Exegesis class.  Last year I tutored for Greek and that helped me learn it a lot better, and last spring I took my Exegesis Ordination exam last spring using Greek and passed it.  So, around comes my senior year and I still need to take Hebrew.  Well, I’ve started, and this is the weirdest language ever.  First of all, it works right to left, not left to right.  Second of all, none of the characters look like anything I’m used to.  Now, I am not saying that English is a superior language or anything like that, all I’m saying is that Hebrew is what I’m definitely not use to, and definitely looks and reads differently than anything.  

But I have decided that I am going to make Hebrew like me.  Yup, that’s right, no half-courtship, I am going to make sure that when all is said and done I take Hebrew and it doesn’t take me.

(This post can be classified under random, with no real purpose or intent)

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