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Grocery Store

Well I am in the midst of trying to learn my Hebrew alphabet and verb points, so this will be a short blog.  But it seems that the popular topic to blog on right now is the grocery store.  

Here in Pittsburgh Giant Eagle rules as the top dog of Grocery stores.  There are others, but generally Giant Eagle is the best bet.  Last spring Giant Eagle, and Get Go, the a gas station chain owned by the same company, joined forces to create FuelPerks.  FuelPerks works like this: When you spend fifty dollars at Giant Eagle, you wear a ten cent per gallon discount at Get Go.  So, because of shopping for Orientation stuff I had built up a discount of $.60 per gallon as of today.  So I went to GetGo, scanned my card, and all the prices dropped 60 cents, which means I filled up for 2.39 a gallon.  Sad that that’s a deal huh?

What is even funnier is how the FuelPerks phenomenon has swept through Pittsburgh.  The lines at the GetGo closest to me, on Baum Boulevard, are always long.  After all, since everyone does their shopping at Giant Eagle people are constantly earning discounts on their gas.  The other thing that is funny to watch is at the check out when someone realizes that they’ve forgotten their advantage card how many people eagerly volunteer to let them use theirs.  After all, it’s through the Giant Eagle advantage card that you earn the gas discount.  

But tonight I went to the grocery store (a Giant Eagle of course) and made it out for just over seven dollars.  I got to things of juice and bagels, which is really all I need to survive.  And yeah, it was a blast.  

Okay, back to the Hebrew….

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