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I don’t have time to write this fully, but tonight I preached at the Sunday evening service at the church where I’ve been for the past two years.  After I was done I got a lot of comments, and they weren’t just the “nice sermon” or “I enjoyed that one” comments.  One person, whose opinion I respect and who has heard me preach every sermon I’ve preached at church told me that tonight’s was the best one that I had preached.  

I preached on Exodus 14:19-31 where the Israelites go through the water with the Egyptians in pursuit after them.  I’ll post my notes later, but I’m curious as to people’s comments on two phrases that I keyed in on.

  1. Where there is no way, God makes a way
  2. Instead of asking if God is on our side, we should ask if we’re on God’s side.
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  1. September 12, 2005 at 10:54 pm

    brian –

    i wish i could have been there to hear that. i feel like combining those points is not something we like to do in our society anymore. we are often relived to know that God will make a way when it seems that there is nothing in sight, but the trouble is facing up to whether we’re on His side or not. sometimes the toughest (and most freeing) thing to do in the walk of faith is to admit that your identity in everything is tied to the Father and the Father only.

    anyway, i look forward to the notes.


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