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So I’ve officially moved back in at Pittsburgh.  Why is it now official?  Because I have moved my computer back in.  

Anyone who has been in my room can tell you that my computer is the epicenter of my room.  When you walk in the most prominent object in the room is a black desk with two giant monitors on it along with a few printers, etc.  Also, anyone who has visited will tell you I am quite proud of my computer and its shear size.  Oh sure, moving it requires almost as much time as it takes me to move everything else I own combined, but when it is all set up, its worth.  Even better, over the summer my computer (knock on wood) has fixed a little problem it developed last spring, where it would on occasion stop error (blue screen of death) while trying to load windows.  I think it was a malfunction or hardware conflict of some type that when I hooked everything up this time around was resolved.  

Anyway, just to be a geek I’m going to post the specs on my machine
Athlon 3000+ Processor
1024 MB of RAM
1 – 160 GB Hard Drive
2 – 40 GB Hard Drives
1 – 48x CD-ROM
1 – 16x DVD+RW
2 – 19 inch monitors
1 – Samsung Laser Printer
1 – HP Inkjet Color Printer
1 – 350 Watt UPS
1 – Canon N670 Scanner

All for a seminary student… ha!  

Okay, I’m going to bed.

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  1. August 31, 2005 at 6:08 pm

    Brian…that’s a very nice set up…and you’re right you are a computer geek 🙂

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