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So, its 12:30 on Tuesday and I really should be studying, but after a morning of pushing through boring worship stuff and skimming my highlighted pages of the Book of Confessions I just can’t force myself back to the stuff yet.  The frustrating part is that I feel like I know what I’m doing and that I know it.  In reviewing a lot of the old theology exams, the topics are so varies that you’ve really got to hope that you have an idea what they’re talking about and asking when you get the question, because there’s just so much variety.  It’s almost a situation of “you know it or you don’t” and there’s too much stuff to cram for before Friday.  Worship is sort of the same situation now – I’ve gone through the Directory for Worship, which outlines how worship should be done in the Presbyterian church – and have pretty much gotten that stuff down I think.  And I’ve read through the Book of Confessions enough that I can articulate a reformed view of the sacraments pretty well.  I guess I’ll find out Friday if I know it well enough.  Or at least I’ll get a chance to show what I know on Friday and then find out in about a month whether or not the readers agree with me that I know my stuff.  Sort of a scary proposition, because I have no idea really what they’re going to ask about, and if I don’t pass these two exams then I can’t be ordained.  Grr….  

Anyway, I’m back to studying.    

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